Water Walks: Celebrating Canberra's creeks

Over successive Saturdays in August 2020, three groups of Canberrans braved our city’s cool, drizzly and, on the final weekend, outright drenching winter weather to spend an afternoon exploring their neighbourhood creek.

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Soldier On: Storytelling workshop 


Over four successive Wednesdays in August 2020,  a group of enthusiastic photographers worked on furthering their camera and editing skills.  The works in this online gallery document this unprecedented collaboration between PhotoAccess and Soldier On.

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Click the image to explore the second exhibition in our Community Gallery, a gallery aimed at presenting works from the delightful Canberra community!

Partnering with the Capital Region Community Service, PhotoAccess presents the winners and finalists for the inaugural winter warmth photography competition for young people aged 12-25.

Abstract Photography Competition


PhotoAccess x CRCS's first youth photography competition collaboration.