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Workshop Outcome: Concept to Portfolio


After nine months of mentorship from local photographer Gabrielle Hall-Lomax, the participants have created new bodies of work showcasing their unique photographic styles. 

The artists explore their unique concepts of discovery, personal and planetary boundaries, transience, meaning, value, connection and renewal from diverse perspectives.

Click on the image to explore this online exhibition.

Featuring the work of Zoe Haynes-Smith, Toni Hicks, Natalie Finney, Leanne Joyce, Corin Rossouw, Roger Skinner, Martin Skrydstrup.

Image: Corin Rossouw, from the series 36 Degrees South, 2023

Workshop Outcome: Ephemeral Ecologies 2023

This gallery displays the beautiful outcomes from the second iteration of our online workshop, Ephemeral Ecologies.

Over several weeks, participants explored the materiality of silver gelatin photographic paper and its potential to facilitate and record ecological encounters with lumen prints.

A lumen print is an alternative, camera-less process of photography made by exposing pieces of light-sensitive paper to light, moisture, heat and direct contact with plant and biological matter. 


This workshop was taught by expert tutor and artist Remi Siciliano


Workshop Outcome: Brutalism by Bike

This three-session workshop, led by Canberra-based artist Jordan Stokes, centered on brutalist architecture and photography. The first session introduced the history and impact of brutalism. The second involved a cycling photography tour around Canberra's notable brutalist structures. The third consisted of an online discussion where participants shared and discussed their images, which are showcased in this online gallery. Participants also collaborated with community art platform Localjinni to project their photographs during a nighttime screening, creating a unique, immersive experience.

Featuring work from Samantha Ritchie, Fiona Hooton, Bob Crawshaw, Ben Hubbard and Oscar Miller


Workshop Outcome: Earth to Images

This gallery displays the amazing outcomes from our online workshop Earth to Images: Alternative Photo Making.

The photographic and cinematic industries are characterised by environmentally corrosive applications against a history of associations with the mining industry. This is an invitation to explore the environmental consequences of image-making through alternative photo processes beyond the traditional analogue processes we all know and love. The group investigated the concept of pollution as colonisation, and confronted the ethical challenges of using a toxic medium that harms the earth as you document it.


Considering materials as both subjects and audience of our work, the group experimented with new ways of making that considers responsible sourcing of materials and sustainable methods. This course approached image-making from an environmentally conscious standpoint, by embracing the inherent ephemerality in the work and acknowledging our own transience and mortality.

Featuring work from Santina Velo and Dianna Wells.


This workshop was taught by expert tutor and artist Melanie Cobham


Workshop Outcome: Beyond Botanicals