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Winter Warmth

Finalist Exhibition

31st July 2020

PhotoAccess are overjoyed to present the finalists of the Belconnen Youth Centre youth photography competition. Young people aged 12-25 were invited to submit a work responding to the theme 'Winter Warmth'. The results reflect to show a successful range of sophisticatedly crafted images, that draw warmth into an online presence. The Canberra Region Community Service and PhotoAccess would like to thank all the young people who entered below, and we congratulate first place winner  Griffin Zardo, second place winner Daniel Sadleir, and third place winner Bronte Nixon on being the winners of the competition. Respectively, each winner will receive a 12 month PhotoAccess membership and a  $75, $50 and $25 voucher to Westfield shops, courtesy of the Canberra Region Community Service!



Griffin Zardo


"I took this photo on the way to school early In the morning. I decided to call it Dawn, this is because when I glanced over the field I saw something I hadn’t really noticed before, I saw how the earth began it’s day in these temperatures, with the sun rising and showing itself to the world one slowly. It was doing what I was doing, just starting."


Daniel Sadleir_A Warm Moment.jpeg

Daniel Sadleir

Warm Moment

"An unexpected moment when a butterfly joined in on our catch up. We both had never seen a butterfly so close. It hung around for a moment before it flew away. It’s moments like this which makes our cold Canberra winter feel just that bit warmer."


Bronte Nixon

Untitled #1 



In no particular order we would like to thank the below finalists, Khaos Wright, Alia Josephine, Daniela Velasquez and Lachlan Foote.

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