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Abstract Photography Competition


Finalist Exhibition

May 22 - June 5


Capital Region Community Service with PhotoAccess are overjoyed to present the finalists of the inaugural youth photography competition. Young people aged 12-25 were invited to submit a work responding to the theme 'abstract' and we couldn't be more happy with the results. The Canberra Region Community Service and PhotoAccess would like to thank all the young people who entered below, and we congratulate first place winner Remi Siciliano, second place winner George Finn, and third place winner Barton Taylor on being the winners of the competition. Respectively, each winner will receive a 12 month PhotoAccess membership and a  $75, $50 and $25 voucher to Westfield shops, courtesy of the Canberra Region Community Service!


The Traces of Efforts to Collaborate with a Bandicoot, Remi Siciliano (23)

This image is is situated within an ongoing body of work where I explore the potential to collaborate with nonhuman forces and organisms to make images. This image is a vestige of an experiment to collaborate with a bandicoot, after a previous experiment (a buried piece of silver gelatin paper) was dug up and marked by scratches from a foraging bandicoot in my garden. This is a scan of a piece of unfixed silver gelatin which was left semi-buried for a few days, in the hopes that the bandicoot might return and mark the paper again. Though I have been largely "unsuccessful", I am left with several images bearing the traces of my attempts to collaborate, each remarkably different.

Remi wins a  $75 Voucher Prize to Westfield and a 12 month PhotoAccess membership.



Mystical Light, George Finn, (14)

This  work was photographed at night with my love for astrophotography and experimenting with light.

George wins a $50 Voucher Prize to Westfield and a 12 month PhotoAccess membership.



Lengvas, Barton Taylor (15)


Barton receives a $25 Voucher Prize and a 12 month PhotoAccess membership.


In no particular order we would like to thank the below finalists, Anette An-Jen Liu, Astrid French, Barton Taylor, Baxter Bryan-Keys, Ben Rankin, Callum Finnigan, Cordelia Thompson, Darcy Tobler, Dominik Brucic, Finn Robb, George Finn, Griffin Zardo, Hannah Johnson, Imogen Drury, Jack Jeffrey, Jacob Beissner, Jade Harrison-Will, James Kreger, Jay Hopkins, Jayden Miller, Lauren Wisely, Liam Prichard, Luke WIllson, Mana Kilby, Marley Minerds, Matthew Shea, Max White, Nathan Isaac, Rani Hogan-Sporne, Remi Siciliano, Sam Shillington and Thomas English.

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