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An exhibition by Emilio Cresciani, 2020 Dark Matter Resident

State of Change by Emilio Cresciani explores the phenomenon of climate change through integrating the transformation of ice into water with photographic processes. Drawing links between these states of change, the show examines, literally, figuratively and abstractly, human impact on Earth.


Cresciani captures a transition from ice to water. Ice not only reflects but also refracts light, and the resulting images reveal fascinating patterns and textures. Drips and spots reference the constantly changing polar landscape and the marks of human kind.



Public Program: Frozen Photos

Saturday 7th November, 12-4pm

Join 2020 Dark Matter Resident Emilio Cresciani in a journey making photograms with ice. This cameraless photography technique involves creating images by setting ice directly onto the surface of light-sensitive paper and making an exposure. Learn more or enrol at

State of Change closes on Saturday, 7th November, 2020 at 4pm.

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