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Traces Unseen

Online May 21 - June 20 2020

Damien Shen, Tara Gilbee and Todd Johnson, curated by Aimee Board

A warrior rides across ancestral lands, inscribing his rightful path. An ecologist gathers samples, tracing mineral deposits in decay. An alchemist taps transient points of entry to a forgotten site, threading its ephemeral stories.

Traces Unseen features three artists surfacing and inscribing hidden histories of bodies and places. South Australian artist Damien Shen creates and etches tintypes to respond to archives documenting his rich heritage of mainland China and the Indigenous Ngarrindjeri people. Victorian artist Tara Gilbee contributes pinhole solagraphic works capturing a forensic digital tracing of a quarantine site. Also Victorian based, Todd Johnson collaborates with place by submerging film in various Australian lake water, including Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, for durations of up to two months. 

Exhibited works are for sale. Please consider supporting the artists and PhotoAccess by adding to your collection. See the full list of artworks for editions and prices. Contact for any enquiries.


Damien Shen

Tara Gilbee

Todd Johnson