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What I know to be true, and other encounters

Aishah Kenton

Humidity (2019-2020)

Artist Statement

Humidity is a personal response to the onset of emotions following a 3000km move to a new home in the tropics. Observations brought on by moments of quietness and contemplation on whether I made the right decision, Humidity is as much a process of feelings as it is a sensation and questioning of my new environment. In this part of the world when the heat confuses your mind, it can be hard to fathom what it actually is I am doing here. The thick air reminds me of Malaysia where I grew up, of family who now - out of reach in the pandemic - feel like they are a whole other world away. It’s not what I thought here, perhaps it has changed, or perhaps I never really knew what it was like in the first place.

Artist Bio

(Nur) Aishah Kenton is a Malaysian-Australian photographer. She graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in photography. Kenton is primarily concerned with photographing her personal experiences, which result in photographs that are engaged with intimate relationships with her subjects. In 2018, she was awarded an Emerging Artist Support Scheme Award for her graduating exhibition To Whom it May Concern. Kenton has been a finalist in the CLIP Landscape Award at Perth Centre For Photography, long-listed for Foam Talent Call, Amsterdam, and was awarded a coveted spot in the 2020 Chico Portfolio Review in Montana, USA. In 2020, Kenton joined OCULI, the Australian photographic collective, as one half of KENTON/DAVEY. 

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