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What I know to be true, and other encounters

Jhen-Ying Lin

Let’s Stay Here For a While (2020-2021)

Artist Statement

Let’s Stay Here For a While is inspired by the quarter-life crisis I was going through last year, and a crisis I’ll probably experience forever. This personal project of mine is completely different from my usual work. I had no preconceptions or ideas of how the images would turn out as I took an unfamiliar approach and engaged in an unpredictable process. The series is ultimately about losing control, trying not to freak out about the lack of control and actually enjoying the process. This body of work is my interpretation for the confusion of the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

Artist Bio

Jhen-Ying Lin is a photographer currently based in Taiwan, focusing mainly on experimental and fashion photography. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and received AAS degrees in fashion merchandising and photography. Her editorial work has been published in The Kunst, iMUTE, DEW, eyemag and Elle Taiwan, amongst others. Paradox Value was Lin’s first solo exhibition as an artist, and was held at 濕地venue in Taipei in 2020. Experimenting with various mediums and formats, Jhen aims to create images that intersect both the fashion and the art world.

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