Time Is Precious Still Life, Claire Manning, 2021, Inkjet print on lightbox film

Featuring works created during PhotoAccess’ Concept to Exhibition 2022 workshop, Un/known brings together twenty artists to explore, share and confront personal stories.

Over the last nine months, mentored by 2021 National Photographic Portrait Prize finalist Marzena Wasikowska, the exhibiting artists have ventured beyond their creative comfort zones. Bringing varying levels of skill and experience to the workshop, each artist has developed their photographic voice and produced new work expressing their unique approach to image-making.

Susan Bell, Emily Blenkin, Fiona Bowring, Andrea Bryant, Saini Copp, Sophia Coombs, Annette Fisher, Lucy Found, Saskia Haalebos, Kristiane Herman, Lia Kemmis, Eunie Kim, Kathryn Leo, Adam Luckhurst, Louise Maurer, Harry Merriman, Kleber

Osorio, Margaret Stapper, Beata Tworek, Sarah Vandermark.


Andrea Bryant, Manicured, 2022, digital photograph.

Emily Blenkin
Fiona Bowring
Andrea Bryant
Sophia Coombs
Annette Fisher
Lucy Found
Saskia Haalebos

Saskia Haalebos, Self portrait (remains), 2022, digital video, duration 00:12:59


A couple of hours before Mum handed over the keys of our sold family home, my sister followed me around the empty house and backyard filming long, single-take, improvised shots without any dialogue. With its low-fi aesthetic and dreamlike soundscape, this work represents the places we perhaps run from, but which remain embedded and murky within us.


Soundscape ‘3-5 minutes’ by Fever Dream Archive | Love and thanks to Casey for filming.

Lia Kemmis
Eunie Kim
Adam Luckhurst
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Louise Maurer