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Caroline Huf - Dark Matter resident 2021 - WIP

It's no picnic - test 1

It's no picnic - test 2

It's no picnic - test 3

Current Dark Matter resident Caroline Huf shares a WIP update.

For my residency I set out to explore weaving in analogue film and digital video. Over the last few months I've been experimenting with three projects- weaving 16 mm film strips into objects for performance, learning how to use a Bolex film camera, develop 16 mm film and weaving digital video.

For this project I wanted to use a Bolex camera and develop 16 mm film; neither of which I have done before.This has been a steep learning curve. The results are a bit hit and miss but I like the mistakes and the beautiful quality of analogue film. At this stage I am planning to use the film to make objects for performances in which the objects project as they unravel. Along the way I tried 'cameraless film techniques" like scratching and painting on film, and also experimented with sticking fabric directly on clear film strip.

I have been weaving digital video, or rather giving the impression of weaving. In this residency I wanted to try weaving Peter Weir's classic film 'Picnic at Hanging Rock". This time I want to develop more movement in the digital weavings: I explored creating the effect of 'dripping', and warp and weft moving.

How all these different experiments interconnect in the performance and exhibition is still a mystery to me!

The work produced by this current batch of residents will culminate in a group show opening on the 21st of October.




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