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Members Show

Abby Ching, Alan Charlton, Amanda Pratt, Andrea Bryant, Andrew Morgan, Bailey Corazza, Brian Rope, Caroline Lemerle, David Bermingham, Eva Schroeder, Fiona Bowring-Greer, Ian Russell, Jane Duong, Jenny Dettrick, Jordan Stokes, Kathy Leo, Marie Lund, Trevor Lund, Marzena Wasikowska, Richard Glover, Susan Henderson, Tessa Ivison, Virginia Walsh, Yvette Perine

13.05.2021 - 5.06.2021

PhotoAccess' Members Show for 2021, Hot/Cold, bring together artists from across the PhotoAccess community to present new work exploring the idea that we have entered a time of extremes - climatic, seasonal and perhaps also emotional.

Each twelve month journey around the sun brings the glorious change of seasons, from January’s basking heat to July’s frozen breath. But, recently, this variation seems to have grown more intense, bringing devastating bushfires, an unusually cool summer and a shrinking snow season. 

This disorder reshapes our world, changing the plants and animals around us, altering how we spend our days, remember the past and imagine the future. Alternately, this new condition tears us apart and brings us closer to each other, generating emotional responses ranging from grief to hope to determination to astonished joy, and all shades in between. What does it mean to be hot/cold?

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