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Transcending Bodies

Xi Li, Meng-Yu Yan & Joseph Blair
Curated by Gabrielle Hall-Lomax

11 August - 10 September

Xi Li (李曦), Brain Island: Hyperreal City, 2019, Video, 08'27", 1920×1080

Transcending Bodies explores how sense-of-self and social dynamics are shaped in virtual environments. The exhibition brings into focus the possibilities and limits of existing online, untethered from the physical body. Through video, AI and printed photo media, the artists challenge traditional and normative ideas of identity and envision new ways of living in the virtual realm.



Artist-in-conversation: Virtual Self with artist Xi Li

Join artist Xi Li and curator Gabrielle Hall-Lomax as they discusses working in the digital space, non-physical identity and the future of the photographic medium in the context of the Metaverse.

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