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Greg Stoodley

Online April 16 - May 16

Slow by Greg Stoodley reflects a personal take on the modernist portraits of Irving Penn. The artist has used  principles and foundations he's noticed in Penn's portraits to create engaging, meaningful portraits of his own. These works strike one as timeless and classical, yet moreover relevant and recognisable as a contemporary photo-media practice. Stoodley is a dedicated member of PhotoAccess, and a master in the ways of platinum palladium darkroom printing, and we're honoured he chose us to host this exhibition. 

Please explore the online catalogue to discover an exhibition essay by Kate Warren, lecturer of Art History and Curatorship at the Australian National University, an artist biography, and a full list of artworks and their prices. 

All artworks are for sale, in multiple editions. Some works are available as inkjet, platinum palladium prints, or silver gelatin prints. Please contact for details. 


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