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Online Book Launch: Installation View with Martyn Jolly, Daniel Palmer and Helen Ennis

In-Conversation: The Histories & Futures of Photo Exhibitions in Australia

Prof. Daniel Palmer (RMIT University) and Assoc. Prof. Martyn Jolly (Australian National University) have come together in a joint research project that examines the role of exhibition in the development of photographic practice, and to give an account of the history of photography curating in Australia.

Their recently released book, Installation View, traces these histories and examines our practices of collection and display. Rarely seen installation views from both well-known and forgotten exhibitions tell the story of the individuals and institutions that have proved intrinsic to the public circulation of photographs.

Now, in the age of digital photo sharing, institutions are challenged to engage with new forms and practices of photography. Join one of Australia’s leading photography curator and historian, Emeritus Prof Helen Ennis (ANU), for a dialogue with the authors on how the curatorial functions of selecting, collecting and contextualising photomedia are more important than ever. The conversation will be followed by a Q&A with our online audience.

The video below was recorded on Thursday, 30th September at 4.30pm. Enjoy this incredible conversation, and if you would like to purchase the book click this link.



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