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Meet the Members - Lori Cicchini

PhotoAccess member extraordinaire Lori Cicchini shares insights into her very evocative work.

‘Let my home be my gallows’ was inspired by Dante’s Inferno, the gold leafing was an extra layer of story depicting the mending of broken things. I made this image at a Worksop I presented for PhotoAccess, the two day Workshop gave an insight to my creative process from idea to set production, photographing and my lighting setup, and finally my editing process. 

‘Her body and mind broken into many pieces, each and every one of them a re

flection of who she has now become’.

This portrait was inspired by the Japanese art form Kintsugi, where broken pieces are glued back together by repairing with gold, creating something new, beautiful and unique. 

‘Blind fire, 

where it burns and no one sees, 

where the heat melts my skin and scars my mind,

Blind fire’ 

Dante’s Inferno has played an important role in literature and his descriptions of the circles of hell have intrigued my imagination, I see stories I relate too, places I have been too, my images are sometimes a diary. 

‘Detached’ was created as part of my Wall Flowers series. The series started as a response to social media restrictions to nudity. 

The female nude is my my art is my way of vocalising the human rawness, our vulnerability, and fragility encompassed with the equally qualities of nature, in particular flowers, in a nutshell they all spells beauty to me.  It frustrates me that I spend so long creating stories with the female nude as the base subject and then I basically need to deface it to share it on social media. 

Flesh (self portrait) 2018

It was my birthday when I made it, locked away in my studio I wanted to make a portrait of myself to celebrate the day of my 50th year in this world. I thought long and hard for some weeks leading up to it, I wanted it to be a reminder for myself of where I was at this point, I made a few that day and in the end it came down to two images, one of which was this one. 

It’s been a turbulent year since, feeling like a failure in so many ways, I’ve had to cut myself off from those who drew blood from me, And I hold very dear those who found the time to find me by connecting to my work since. 

“I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for thou art with me” Psalm23.

My work is described as dark beauty, it’s what appeals to my senses, it connects with my spirit and my way of seeing the world. I look for a sensitive moment in my subjects movement and expression, nothing is posed or staged. Its the music we are listening to at that moment that translates into a capture when I press my trigger. 

‘Fall of the Angels, a time to rise’ 

Photographing the raw human in water has been one of my favourites for the past few years. It’s never really a planned session, it all depends on the subject, the mood and whether or not I decide to introduce a further element to the scene. On this occasion I saw a fallen angel seeking to clench to some hope where beauty lay in the serenity and peaceful water. 

‘Left hand of darkness’ 

I thought I’d add one from my new work here too. I photographed a series of images just as the world was awakening to the pandemic that  is still unfolding. Restrictions were coming into place and so much uncertainty was bellowing like darkness around us.  

Discover more of Lori's work on her website




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