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Meet the Members - Kris Kerehona

You'll rarely encounter Canberra based photographer Kris Kerehona without a camera dangling from his neck. On this rainy day in the capital why not enjoy these atmospheric images and explore more of Kris's photography on his Instagram.

I walk with my camera and allow my emotions and intuition to guide the journey. In my wanderings, I often find myself at the fringes of the urban environment, and I am particularly drawn to places where nature is trying to re-exert itself over human encroachment. I have no particular destination in mind, but I am constantly driven to evolve and understand my photographic practice.

I admire and study other photographers’ work, and this knowledge is an unconscious foundation that I am informed by. Each time I see a scene and think “here’s a shot”. At first I have a sense of it not belonging to me, as though I see it through someone else’s eyes. But when I have the picture, I often realise I do have some ownership of the image - no one else has taken this photograph in this moment, at this time.



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