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Exhibition Opening: Members, Grant, Wilson

PhotoAccess was delighted to present the opening of their next suite of Huw Davies Gallery exhibitions: Up in the Air by Claire Grant, Sky Eternal by Cat Wilson, and Wild Blue Yonder, PhotoAccess' annual Members' exhibition.

Drawing inspiration from the celestial bodies and atmospheric processes that unite us all, the artists in this set of exhibitions employ our sky space to explore the human condition. Through video and printed photo-media, artists invite us to acutely observe our sky above, reflecting on the integral place it holds in our lives and the immediate care needed to maintain its delicately calibrated systems.

The trio of exhibitions were formally opened on Thursday the 30th June, 6pm with insightful words from PhotoAccess' Production Officer Caitlin Seymour-King and Director of Megalo Print Studio, Stephen Payne.

The exhibitions are open until Saturday 30th July 2022 at 4pm.

Up in the Air - Claire Grant

Up in the Air by Claire Grant presents a self-portrait of her life as a flight attendant. Grant takes inspiration from the aerial viewpoint and restricted perspectives offered through her 'office' window. Vignettes framed by the plane's portholes form abstracted landscapes, printed in cyanotype onto paper ephemera the artist collected during her in-flight duties. Composited to form large-scale panoramas, these views produce skies filled with navigational charts to and from different destinations around Australia.

Sky Eternal - Cat Wilson

Sky Eternal by Cat Wilson is an immersive video installation, which mirrors moving cloudscapes to create a kind of moving Rorschach inkblot. Accompanied by an ambient soundscape, composed by Jamie Saxe, this mesmerising work mediates on the ways in which the universal and timeless sky unites us all, a metaphor for innovation, positivity, hope and heaven.

Wild Blue Yonder - PhotoAccess Members'

Wild Blue Yonder is PhotoAccess' annual Members' showcase, featuring a diverse community of artists and photographers who come together to explore the idea of the 'wild blue yonder'. Evoking endless horizons, soaring escape and the joy of adventure into parts unknown, the works in this exhibition gain emotional and imaginative poignancy in the era of staying at home.




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