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Exhibition Opening: Broadhurst, Hall-Lomax, Hladky

PhotoAccess was delighted to present their suite of Huw Davies Gallery exhibitions: Selected Suburban Works by William Broadhurst (NSW), Fantasy Collision by Gabrielle Hall-Lomax (ACT), and Reverberation Time by Jamie Hladky (ACT). Each of the solo shows share a fascination with the strange and engage with liminal spaces within the built and/or natural environment.

Selected Suburban Works William Broadhurst

Shot in south-west Sydney, Broadhurst's images move the familiar motifs of Australian suburban life to the peripheries of the frame. Transitional light shifts planes of focus and masks details, giving the sense of a much larger scene perceived in a brief moment and pointing to how time and movement play upon memory.

Fantasy Collision Gabrielle Hall-Lomax

Hall-Lomax's layered works draw attention to how human activity has transformed Australian ecologies. Expanding on photographic traditions of conveying the human in the environment, the artist integrates paint and digital manipulation techniques into her works to reflect on the interconnectedness of the natural and human spheres.

Reverberation Time Jamie Hladky

Reverberation Time speaks to the fleeting nature of our existence relative to the temporal and physical vastness of the Universe. Hladky uses flash to explore places that have been reclaimed by nature after human occupation, illuminating the power of natural forces and our attempts to corral them. See less

The exhibitions were formally opened by Canberra-based documentary photographer David Hempenstall at 6pm Thursday 10th March 2022 in the Manuka Arts Centre garden. The exhibitions are open until Saturday 9th April 2022 at 4pm.




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