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Exhibition Opening: B Dam, Siciliano & Hutch

PhotoAccess is delighted to present the opening of their next suite of Huw Davies Gallery exhibitions: Spirits by B Dam Pictures, Permeating Ecology by Remi Siciliano, and Poisonous by Ellis Hutch.

In this suite of exhibitions the artists share a curiosity in the natural processes that drive the varied eco-systems of our planet, employing distinct methods to investigate the intricacies of the natural world.

The trio of exhibitions was formally opened on Thursday the 26th May, 6pm. The exhibitions will be open until Saturday 25th June 2022 at 4pm.

Spirits B Dam Pictures

Spirits presents a series of intimate wildlife self-portraits. Recorded over five-years in the fragile landscape near the Murrumbidgee, the images show the area during severe drought, under threat from fire and in recovery after heavy rains.

These works were created with a motion-sensor camera positioned in a remnant sclerophyll forest, revealing the habits, pleasures and dangers of the locals’ lives. Spirits creates a story about the tenuous existence of native animals on this continent, and by extension, our own fragility.

Permeating Ecology Remi Siciliano

Siciliano presents a series of works arising from playful collaborations with photographic materiality, non-human organisms and natural forces. Fungal networks grow through 35mm negatives documenting landscapes, while moisture softens and encourages the film emulsion to peel. Images emerge at the meeting point of growth and decomposition.

Poisonous Ellis Hutch

Combining large-scale drawing and video projection, Poisonous investigates the microscopic world of our waterways – a realm invisible to our eyes and critical to our survival. Hutch navigates the complexities surrounding the ‘health’ of our waterways, looking with awe and wonder at the molecular structure of minerals and microbes that are both toxic poisons and useful contributors to the ecosystem.




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