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Artists-in-Conversation: What is Post-Digital Photography?

As the presence of technology rapidly increases in our daily lives, many scholars consider us to now be in the era of ‘Post Digital’. But what does this really mean, especially for the traditionally analogue method of photography?

PhotoAccess’ Studio Officer – and resident tech nerd – Rory Gillen, dives in deep to the question of how the Post Digital is changing the face of photographic practice. He is joined by Chris Bowes, a 2021 PhotoAccess exhibitor and multidisciplinary artist working across photography, video and installation.

Together, Chris and Rory cover the basics of the Post-Digital with a light history and examples of the most exciting work in the field. This discussion is for anyone who would like to learn more about the future of photography in a Post-Digital world.

Chris Bowes' show Split was on exhibition at the PhotoAccess Huw Davies Gallery from July 15 - August 14th, 2021 The conversation below was recorded on Thursday the 2nd September, 2021. See more on Split here.



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