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Artists-In-Conversation: Faces, Places and Interiority

Melita Dahl and Sarah Rhodes on Contemporary Portraiture

PhotoAccess exhibiting artists Melita Dahl and Sarah Rhodes came together for a lively conversation diving deep into their practices to trace some of the boundaries and meanings of contemporary photographic portraiture. While Dahl explores emerging technologies reducing people’s faces to emotional data abstracted from any context, Rhodes focuses on the intimate inter-weaving of a person and their place. Facilitated by PhotoAccess’ Caitlin Seymour-King, this interactive program brings Dahl and Rhodes together to explore the limits and possibilities of the idea that a portrait reveals the interior life of its subject.

See Melita Dahl's exhibition Portrait here.

See Sarah Rhodes' exhibition A Surrounded Beauty here.

This conversation took place on 6pm Thursday 8th July 2021. Enjoy the recording below!



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