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Artists-In-Conversation: Mediated Media

In this live streamed Artists-In-Conversation, you’ll hear artists Tony Curran and Ben Rak discuss the interstices between photography, print and painting in their respective exhibitions at Megalo & PhotoAccess. Discover how each artist practices across source material, physical matter, process, and the conceptual possibilities of the combinations of traditional and new media within which they work.

Both artists’ practices are mediated by different elements of their process – for Curran, there is a transferal of both ideas and forms beginning from the digital computer screen, to the canvas, and finally through the mechanical process of printmaking. For Rak, the works begin in the realm of print, but quickly shift across media – incorporating vernacular elements from photography and painting to end up occupying a shadowy space.

In this online Q&A the artists will enquire about each other’s methods, raising questions and discussing the core issues that underpin their practices, as well as responding to questions from audience members.

This recording was made on Thursday 26th August, 2021. Ben Rak's Don't be Fooled by the Faces I Wear was on exhibition at the PhotoAccess Huw Davies Gallery from 15.07.21 - 14.08.21. See more on Rak's show here.



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