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Artist-In-Conversation: The corruptibility of time and how we (un)do memory.

Introduced by PhotoAccess' Kate Matthews, this conversation between exhibiting artist Catherine Evans and researcher Dr Michael Pickering unpacks Evans' exhibition, Exploded View . They trace the link between events located at the Acton Peninsula in Canberra: a site at which the National Museum of Australia, the Royal Canberra Hospital and over 20,000 years of Aboriginal history converge. Covering topics such as YouTube, ghost stories, and the supernatural, Evans and Pickering attempt to unpick the multiple timelines that connect us to a continually shifting present.


Catherine Evans is an artist working across photography, sculpture and installation. Initially trained in science and then photography, her studio and research practice is focused on geologic time and where this intersects with our own human timescales: as found in our bodies, their materiality, and our lived-histories through colonialism and archaeology.

Michael Pickering is the Senior Repatriation Advisor at the National Museum of Australia. He has worked as an archaeologist, anthropologist, and historian. He moved to the National Museum of Australia in 2001 as the Director of the Repatriation Program, later taking on the role of Head of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program. He then became a Senior Research Fellow and subsequently Head of the Museum’s Research Centre before taking up his current position.


Exploded View was on exhibition at the PhotoAccess Huw Davies Gallery from July 15 - August 15th, 2021 The conversation below was recorded on Thursday the 5th August, 2021. See more on Exploded View here.



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