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2020 EASS Resident April Davis

Introducing photographer April Davis, April is one of the three photographers who was awarded a PhotoAccess residency as part of the Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS). April's work made during the pandemic focuses on her close relationship with her grandmother. Discover a selection from this body of work below here and read April's insights.

2020 has been a year for all of us to remember starting from the bushfires to Covid-19. We have all experienced a taste of what 2020 has to offer. During the Covid-19 Pandemic everyday routines were constricted and interactions with people were changed. The elderly were left to stay indoors, most were without loved one's support and assistance. When Covid-19 started I took it upon myself to stay with my grandmother, during this time I took images of us in amongst making sure my Nan didn’t go out and had the essential items she needed on a day to day basis. My grandmother couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to go out shopping and found it hard to stay inside. She would always say “I won’t know what a shop looks like soon if I can’t go out”. She would also find it hard not having people over, especially when it was her birthday and everyone rang her instead of popping past. When she was finally allowed to go out shopping and visiting people, she was so happy and excited.

April Davis 2020



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