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Photography is Dead! Long Live Photography!

A recording of the event which was the outcome of a research and development project in partnership with ANU School of Art and Design.

Dark Matter Resident 2023: Odette England 

Photographer and visual artist Odette England speaks about her time as being a 2023 PhotoAccess Dark Matter Resident. Odette is an internationally renowned Australian/British photographer and recent Guggenheim Fellow.

PhotoAccess Community & Testimonials 

During one of our exhibition openings, we asked our community, “what do you love about PhotoAccess?”


HYPERSPECTRAL is an immersive outdoor multi-media event featuring the experimental works of Australian digital media and sound artists.

Photo-Stories Online Discussion with Artist Xi Li

Artist Xi Li discusses working in the digital space, non-physical identity and the future of the photographic medium in the context of the Metaverse. Xi Li is an artist based in Auckland whose work explores philosophical frameworks through mediums including video, 3D animation, VR and game-design.

Chris Bowes - Split 2021 - Installation view

Through a multi-component, interactive ‘mirror’, Bowes surfaces our 21st century to-and-fro with screens and the processes of data capture, processing and deployment that shape us today.


As the viewer is reflected back on themselves, disjointed and disfigured, Bowes contests our often passive relationship with screen technologies and our embrace of their convenience in exchange for our privacy. While tech giants gather information on our day-to-day lives, using it to shape ‘helpful’ advertising, and security systems apply advanced algorithms to control public spaces, Split suggests that we are becoming caricatures of ourselves, equal parts captivating and disturbing.

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