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Terra: (un)becoming

7 December - 22 December

Terra: (un)becoming

This exhibition is the outcome of our annual Concept to the Exhibition workshop series. After nine months of mentorship from local photographers Sari Sutton, Mark Mohell and Gabrielle Hall-Lomax, the participants have created new bodies of work showcasing their unique photographic styles.

Terra: (un)becoming features photo books, photography, video and installation to reflect on the urgent need for the community to reassess connections with each other and the environment under the threat of climate crisis and complex global challenges.

The idea of becoming/unbecoming seeks to challenge the expectation that we, as humans, must keep striving to ‘become’ something or someone. In this exhibition, we are invited to strip back expectations, artifice and practices that no longer serve to expose truths about human nature, need, and what truly has the power to nourish and sustain us all. The existential emergencies we face are significant and deeply connected to the fate of the earth we inhabit.

From diverse perspectives, the artists in this exhibition explore their unique concepts of discovery, personal and planetary boundaries, transience, meaning, value, connection and renewal.

Participating artists: Annette Fisher, Zoe Haynes-Smith, Saskia Haalebos,Toni Hicks, Adam Henry, Nathan Hughes, Joanne Hutchinson, Natalie Finney, Lynne Flemons, Alison Ford, Yasmin Idriss, Leanne Joyce, Diana Pearce, Fernanda Pedroso, Julia Platt, Caroline Lemerle, Margi Martin, Peter Murphy, Helena Romaniuk, Corin Rossouw, Christina Seccombe, Roger Skinner, Martin Skrydstrup, Sari Sutton, Ed Telfer, Ruby Wilde.

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