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David Wong

Woodlands, Forests, Life

17 November - 17 December

David Wong

From an early age, David Wong has loved nature and explored the bushland areas close to his home in Canberra. The work in this exhibition spans a decade, exploring local eucalypt forests as they unfold, moment by moment, day by day, and year by year.

Woodlands, Forests, Life is part of a broader 2022 Eucalypt Australia Dahl Fellowship project which explores the different facets of eucalypt ecosystems – their diversity and uniqueness; their conservation; and the people working to understand, restore and protect them.

Part of the work is drawn from David’s experience working for an environmental NGO at a time when a significant urban development (Ginninderry) was evolving. He has met many passionate volunteers and community members who aim to make a difference in protecting the natural areas that remain.

Image: David Wong, Samorn Sanixay, 2022, inkjet pigment print on cotton rag paper.

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