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Claire Letitia Reynolds & Sasha Parlett

WE ARE ONE - The First XI

19 January - 11 February

Claire Letitia Reynolds & Sasha Parlett

WE ARE ONE - The First XI is produced by artist Claire Letitia Reynolds, with interviews by Sasha Parlett, and portraits created by Reynolds, celebrating the journey of the all Aboriginal First XI of 1868, through film and photography.

WE ARE ONE features current Australian Indigenous cricketers, direct descendants of the First XI, and Elders from mainland Australia and the Torres Strait.

Parlett will present interviews of current Indigenous Australian cricketers, who discuss their inspiration and also the challenges faced for First Nation communities today.

WE ARE ONE aims to uplift and contribute to reconciliation in Australia. Reynolds portraits of the athletes are a con- ceptual portrayal of the 1868 team, and have been created utilising analogue and digital processes, with handcrafted dyes from native Australian species that reference the connection between Australian Indigenous people, culture and Country.

WE ARE ONE - The First XI was made possible through Sunshine Coast Council; Regional Arts Development Fund- ing (RADF), Arts Queensland and Australia Council.

Image: Claire Leitia Reynolds, Clodagh, Waiben | Thursday Island (detail), 2022, photographic print on fine art paper with handcrafted die.

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