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Chin-Jie Melodie Liu

You are close be-side me
29th June - 12 August

Chin-Jie Melodie Liu

You are close be-side me is a series of large-scale screen prints presenting the documentation of a funeral by two sisters—Annette, who attended the proceedings for their grandfather in person in Taiwan, and Melodie, who joined via Zoom from Australia. This collaborative work encapsulates a shared experience of witnessing and documenting grief simultaneously through two different perspectives, access, and means. Together, they reflect on the ways digital access facilitates grief, influencing our process of mourning in the modern world.

This exhibition is curated by Annette An-Jen Liu.

Image: Chin-Jie Melodie Liu, Your staff to com-fort me, 2022, screen print on BFK Rives paired with footnote image by Annette An-Jen Liu (2022, digital photograph)

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