Huw Davies Gallery

10.06.21 - 10.07.21

Melita Dahl

ACT-based artist Dahl presents a series of digital prints raising questions about the links between facial expression recognition (FER) technologies and traditions that understand photographic portraits as windows to a subject’s soul.

FER is a rapidly developing algorithmic technology that aims to measure variations in facial expression to detect emotional states and predict behaviour. The software is now becoming integrated into marketing, retail, educational and security surveillance systems.

2.1 Melita Dahl, happy (0.96), 2019, Pig

Melita Dahl, happy (0.96), 2019, Pigment Ink Print on Archival Paper

Peter Bailey, Andrea Bryant, Abby Ching, Annette Fisher, Susan Henderson, Tessa Ivison, Peter Lamour, Caroline Lemerle, Louise Maurer, Greg McAnulty, Aditi Sargeant, Eva Schroeder, Sari Sutton, Beata Tworek, Brian Rope and Grant Winkler

Canberra Re-Seen explores the idea of our city as a community of people, a built environment, and a physical landscape. Developed in collaboration with Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG), the project brought together sixteen artists to create new work responding to three of Canberra’s landmark photographers – Marzena Wasikowska, Edward (Ted) Richards and Ian North – each featured in CMAG’s current exhibition, Seeing Canberra.

Louise Maurer - Weetangera II

Louise Maurer, Weetangera II, 2021, Inkjet print

Sarah Rhodes

Investigating the capacity of photographic portraiture to link the interiors of people and place, Rhodes seeks to reveal what is not easily seen with the eye. In A Surrounded Beauty, she captures a seeming variety of subjects, seeking out each person’s aura to explore lived experiences of isolation –Tasmania’s ‘islandness’.

Rhodes is interested in ‘atmosphere’, the in-between that mediates between an environment and the bodily feeling of being in that environment. With her camera she traces the atmosphere of place through narrative, telling stories dependent on sensory rather than cognitive perception, drawing our attention to place and how it shapes who we are.

Girl under a Stormy Sky.jpg

Sarah Rhodes, Girl Under a Stormy Sky, 202, Digital print on cotton rag

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