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Between Hope and Despair

Natasha Fijn

21.04.2022 - 21.05.2022

02 work bridge.png

Jan Reinder Fijn, Destroyed St Servatias bridge, 1944, Hahnemule Photo Rag.

Between Hope and Despair forms a juxtaposition between two photographic series, each documenting a place immediately after a time of crisis. Fijn contrasts her observations of temperate Australian forest recovering from the devastating 2020 bushfires with her grandfather’s, Jan Reinder Fijn, record of the American liberation of Nazi-occupied Maastricht in 1945.

Natasha and Jan have both employed the art of critical, participant observation in the documentation of their respective landscapes. The two locations are separated by a time span of seventy-five years, but are connected by an intergenerational sense of urgency, through an acute attention to their surrounding environments.

Between Hope and Despair will be showing from 21 April - 21 May 2022.

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