Huw Davies Gallery

15.07.21 - 14.08.21


Chris Bowes

Through a multi-component, interactive ‘mirror’, Bowes surfaces our 21st century to-and-fro with screens and the processes of data capture, processing and deployment that shape us today.


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Chris Bowed, Split installation view

Don’t be Fooled by the Faces
I Wear

Ben Rak

Intrigued by the resonances between print surfaces and social interaction, Rak explores the concept of ‘passing’ – the idea that we are always pretending to be someone other than ourselves, wearing a mask in order to masquerade as another and enjoy the privileges of a more dominant group.

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Rak, Ben, The Masks I Wear to Pass 2020,

Silkscreen and acrylic on un-stretched canvas,

stainless steel eyelets

Exploded View

Catherine Evans

Prompted by her own experience and digital media narratives of the event, Evans investigates our collective memory of the implosion of Royal Canberra Hospital, carried out in 1997 to make way for the National Museum of Australia.

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2_Catherine Evans_Exploded View_121i_2021_Detail_1.jpg

Catherine Evans, Exploded View, detail


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