March 4th 2021 - April 3rd 2021

L’Homme et son


In L’Homme et son Environnement (The Man/Humankind and his/its Environment), Senegalese artist Babacar Traore digitally re-works snapshots to tell the story of the Buujukat, an architect of refuse.


The Buujukat is a person of creative intelligence, rummaging through the detritus of our lives and re-constructing it as useful. Through giving new life to trash, the Buujukat reintroduces what we have discarded into our individual and collective conscience, challenging the values of a consumer society addicted to disposal.

L’Homme et son Environnement closes on Saturday, 7th November, 2020 at 4pm.

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Meathead, Katrina Stamatopoulos copy.jpg

Preying for Honesty


Experimenting with the valorising power of portraiture, Stamatopoulos urges us in Preying for Modesty (Meatheads) to re-cast our relationship with the animals we eat. The London-based artist invites us to meet – as persons – the livestock we kill, consume and, arguably, rely on.

Print works reincarnate as human sitters packaged cuts of meat sourced from big chain supermarkets as well as local grocers and farmers’ markets. Video pieces depict farmers carefully butchering animals they raised, contesting practices of anonymous industrial slaughter. The creatures of the exhibition may be mute, but they ask us uncomfortable questions.

Preying for Modesty (Meatheads) will close on Saturday, 3rd April, 2021 at 4pm.

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