April 8th 2021 - May 8th 2021

In Super Sport Sunday,  Thomas Lord showcases a series of large format black and white photographs exploring the greater Otago region. These spaces of contemplation - wild and secluded – are the settings for rites of passage for local young adults.


New Zealand is a divided country over the legalisation of cannabis, with just over 50% voting 'no' in 2020. Lord explores and documents the places where people still gather to entertain such recreation. 

Exhibition closes on Saturday, 8th May, 2021 at 4pm. 

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Wheki at Bull Creek.jpg

Super Sport Sunday

Thomas Lord, Wheki at Bull Creek (2020), hand printed gelatin silver photograph

AWM Annex Series - 2.jpg

Sarah Annand, AWM Annex Series - 2 (2020), inkjet print on cotton rag

Building Blocks

Sarah Annand is an emerging textile designer linking photography, painting and digital design. Her works dissect our built environment through a sculptural aesthetic which draws on distinctive modernist and brutalist architectural styles.

Building Blocks is a visual study of Sarah’s artistic process, leading us through the creative journey from photography to a finished textile design.

Exhibition closes on Saturday, 8th May, 2021 at 4pm. 

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Altering the


In Altering the Edges, Ellen Dahl continues to probe the concept of the landscape to find ways to articulate the uncertainties of place and belonging. Originally from arctic Norway and of Sámi descent, Ellen has an ongoing interest in ‘places at the edge of the world’.


Drawn to the uncanny and the ambiguous, Dahl frames intimate perspectives in order to contend with mega-concepts like globalisation, the Anthropocene and the subsequent climate crisis.

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Ellen Dahl, Field Notes from the Edge #13 (2020), archival pigment print on fibre rag


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