13th May 2021 -  5th June 2021

Responding to our theme this year of HOT/COLD are our esteemed members:


Abby Ching, Alan Charlton, Amanda Pratt, Andrea Bryant, Andrew Morgan, Bailey Corazza, Brian Rope, Caroline Lemerle, David Bermingham, Eva Schroeder, Fiona Bowring-Greer, Ian Russell, Jane Duong, Jenny Dettrick, Jordan Stokes, Kathy Leo, Marie Lund, Trevor Lund, Marzena Wasikowska, Richard Glover, Susan Henderson, Tessa Ivison, Virginia Walsh, Yvette Perine



Brian Rope, Dusty, 2020. Archival pigment print on fibre rag 35 x 45 cm

Blackened sentinels.jpeg

Ben Kopilow, Blackened Sentinels, 2020. Digital print

Black Summer 2020 : The Aftermath

Through a series of striking digital prints, Kopilow explores the idea that the only constant in life is change. The landscapes of our treasured national parks and our connections to them seem fixed and immutable but are in fact constantly changing, ever so slowly.

Kopilow highlights the stark, haunted nature of vistas newly formed by the 2019-20 bushfires in the ACT and NSW, as well as the damage the fires caused to native flora. The artist also reminds us, however, that out of ashes comes growth, renewal and even beauty. For Kopilow, no matter how bad things become, Nature has a way of recovering and so, in turn, does the human spirit.


Set on ancient Targangal (Mt Kosciuszko) in the Australian Alps, Avalanche explores the psychological terrain of a world disrupted by pandemic and confronted by the intensifying impacts of global warming.

The rapid escalation and compression of climate and COVID-19 related events force a rethink of how we live in, and with, the natural environment. In Avalanche, Sutton reflects upon this shock of disruption to our status quo and the fragility and transience of what we often take for granted. Her works invite reflection upon accepted notions of progress and the contradictions and existential challenges of the Anthropocene.

1. Stop. Don't. Come back..jpg

Sari Sutton, Stop. Don't Come back. 2018 Archival pigment print


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