Huw Davies Gallery

2.12.2021 - 22.12.2021


Claire Manning, Time Is Precious' Still Life, 2021, 29.7 x 21 cm, Inkjet print on lightbox film,  

The Pandy Shuffle

Erin Burrows, Andrea Bryant, Phil Carter, Briony Donald,Thomas Edmondson, Sara Edson, Caroline Lemerle, Kathy  Leo, Claire Manning, Tom Varendorff and Grant Winkler

 Featuring works created during PhotoAccess’ Concept to Exhibition 2021 workshop, The Pandy Shuffle brings together a diverse group of artists investigating their experiences of the era of COVID. 

Each artist focused during the workshop on building their individual practice and creative vision, but they also all shared circumstances of disrupted routines, lockdown isolation and a gaze turned local. The resulting works reflect collectively on varied possibilities for remaining human when a pandemic turns the world on its head.

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What I know to be true, and other encounters
Online opening on 16 December 2021

Aishah Kenton, Jhen-Ying Lin, Athena Torri and Aaron Turner

Curated by Annette An-Jen Liu

Photography encapsulates moments of personal, intimate, and critical encounters – an articulation that can often either affirm or challenge what we know, and what we hold to be true. As a medium that inherently engages with truthfulness, photography inspires critical encounters with the world around us, and can provide a sense of grounding in disorienting times.

What I know to be true, and other encounters explores the ways in which image-making enables us to interpret the complexities of our experiences and navigate the core beliefs that determine how we perceive the world.

Presenting new work from Aaron Turner, Jhen-Ying Lin, Athena Torri, and (Nur) Aishah Kenton, this exhibition highlights the enduring quality of the photographic image to challenge narratives, embody multiplicities, and reveal complex, idiosyncratic observations.

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Athena Torri__72ppi_01.jpg

Athena Torri, Rainforest Flowers Watercolor Studio Study, 2020 
Color Negative, Watercolors, Digital inkjet print


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Melt, 2020-2021, 6x6 photographic negative exposed to flame

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