Huw Davies Gallery

21.10.2021 - 27.11.2021

3-1 Cells.jpg

Cells, captured in 2015, recreated in 2021

A Surface Appearance

Eunie Kim

Kim presents a series of darkroom prints created using ‘Liquid Light’ photographic emulsion painted onto varied papers. Exploring her experience of migration – of having to reconcile multiple identities – the artist brings materials and subjects from her current Australian life into conversation with the traditional aesthetics of her Korean heritage.

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Aloisia Cudmore

Through a series of touching and personal black and white digital images, Cudmore explores her experience as a young person in the age of COVID. Capturing intimate moments in and fragments of relationships with her friends, family and community, the artist considers the significance of memories when travel restrictions, prohibitions on gathering and ultimately lockdowns separate you from those most important in your life.

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2, 2021, 43.8 x 3.3 cm, Inkjet on Photo Paper

light matter test shak_Moment(4).jpg

Light Materials: Let’s Gets Lost, The Picnic Dress 2; 2021 ,  Video Still


Caroline Huf

In a series of video works deconstructing and recombining film materials through a process of digital or analogue weaving, Huf explores the exhaustion and re-invention of settler Australian myths about the mystery and threat of the bush. 

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Experiments in Living [Melt]

Sammy Hawker

Encompassing text, documentary video and negative prints produced in collaboration with the chemical activity of rain, hailstones, seawater and open flame, Hawker’s exhibition challenges our culture’s belief in human control of the natural world. 

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Water Walks

Celebrating Canberra's creeks

Melt, 2020-2021, 6x6 photographic negative exposed to flame

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